List of universities and colleges in Abidjan Ivory Coast

Univeristy Funding
2IFE-2IAE Group - International Institute For Entrepreneurship Training Private
Abidjan Institute Of Technology Private
Abidjan Multimedia Specialty School Private
Academy Of Technology And Accountancy Private
Adama Sanogo International Polytechnic School Private
Adama Sanogo University Of Abidjan Private
Africa Formation Private
African Centre For Management And Professional Upgrading Public
African International Bilingual University Private
African Lasallian Centre Private
African Muslim University Private
Agitel - Training Institute Private
Alassane Ouattara University Public
BAK Group Private
British Institute Of Management And Technology Private
Canadian University Of Arts Sciences And Management Private
CASTAING Business School Private
Catholic University Of West Africa-Abidjan Academic Unit Private
CEFIAT Group Private
Centre For Research And Action For Peace-Institute For Dignity And Human Rights Private
CESA Business Service Training Centre Private
CGE Group Private
Charles-Louis Montesquieu University Private
Consortium For The Management Of Basic And Applied Research In Sub-Saharan Africa Private
CSI Group-Polytechnic Centre Private
DUBASS Institute Of Technology Private
EDHEC Group-Abidjan Private
ESICOM Computer And Business School Private
ESSECT Poincarre Private
ETEP Group Private
Euro-Formation Private
Expert Group Côte DIvoire Private
FICOGES Academy Private
Free Academy Of Technologies Private
Hampâté Bâ International University Of Social Sciences Private
HEC La Roche School Of Management Private
HEC School Of Management Of Abidjan Private
IFPG-ISFPT Group Private
INSTEC Group Private
Institute For Commercial Careers Private
Institute For Computer Science Training Private
Institute Of Advanced Studies In Commerce And Management Private
Institute Of Applied Sciences And Technology Private
Institute Of Commerce And Management Private
Institute Of Communication Sciences And Technologies Private
Institute Of Economic Management And Management Private
Institute Of Technology Of Côte DIvoire Private
Intellect Africa Private
International Academy Of Sciences And Technology Private
International Academy Of Social Economic And Commercial Sciences Of Abidjan Private
International Centre For Law Development- University Of The Lagunes Private
International Management Training Centre Private
International University Of Applied Sciences And Technology Private
Ivoire Académie Group Private
Legacy Institute Private
LOKO Group - School Of Technology Private
Methodist University Of Côte D’Ivoire Private
Muslim University Of Côte DIvoire Private
Nangui Abrogoua University Public
National Institute For Arts And Cultural Action Public
National Institute For Health Workers Training Public
New School Of Advanced Engineering And Technology Studies Private
New University Of Côte D’Ivoire Private
North-South University- Famah Institute Private
Nstitute Of Technology And Specialties Private
Pigier Côte DIvoire Private
Pratical School Of The Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Private
Private Faculties University Of Abidjan Private
Private Institute Of Tropical Agriculture Private
Professional University Centre Private
Regional Academy Of Marine Science And Technology Private
Research Institute For Environmental Safety And Protection Of The KIBIO Group Private
Sainte Marie Training Institute Private
School Of Advanced Industrial And Tertiary Training - Higher Education Centre Of International Technologies Of Abidjan Private
School Of Advanced Studies In Management Banking Insurance And Business Private
School Of Advanced Technological And Commercial Studies Private
School Of Advanced Technologicla Economic Financial And Commercial Studies Private
School Of Advanced Technology And Management Private
School Of Audiovisual And Computer Science Private
School Of Business Administration And Management Private
School Of Business Management And Technology - ESCOGET Group Private
School Of Informatics And Innovation Private
School Of Law And Management Private
School Of Management And Technologies Private
School Of Real Estate Professions Private
Special School Of Construction And Civil Engineering - ESBTP Private
SupElite Private
SupManagement Private
Teacher Training School Of Abidjan Public
Technical School Of Computer And Commercial Sciences Private
Tertiary And Technological University Of The LOKO Group Private
University Félix Houphouët-Boigny Public
University Institute Of Abidjan Private
University Of Science And Technology Of Côte DIvoire Private
Voltaire Institute Of Higher Technical And Vocational Education Private