List of universities and colleges in Kyiv Ukraine

Univeristy Funding
Kyjivs’kyj Universytet Imeni Borysa Hrinenka Public
European University Private
Kyiv School Of Economics Private
National Pedagogical Dragomanov University Public
National Taras Shevchenko University Of Kyiv Public
Academician Y Bugay International Scientific And Technical University Private
Academy Of Advocacy Of Ukraine Private
Academy Of Labour Social Relations And Tourism Private
Banking University Public
Bogomolets National Medical University Public
Hennadii Udovenko Diplomatic Academy Of Ukraine Public
Institute Of Design Architecture And Journalism Private
Institute Of Ecology Economics And Law Private
Institute Of Environmental Geochemistry Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine Public
Institute Of Gifted Child Of The National Academy Of Educational Sciences Of Ukraine Public
Institute Of Plant Physiology And Genetics Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine Public
Institute Of Public Administration In The Sphere Of Civil Protection Public
Institute Of Screen Arts Private
Inter-Regional Academy Of Personnel Management Private
International Institute Of Business Private
International Management Institute Private
International University Of Finance Private
Kiev Institute Of Business And Technology Private
Kiev Institute Of Modern Psychology And Psychotherapy Private
Kiev Medical University Private
KROK University Private
Kyiv Academy Of Arts Public
Kyiv Academy Of Hairdressing Private
Kyiv Cooperative Institute Of Business And Law Private
Kyiv Economic Institute Of Management Private
Kyiv International University Private
Kyiv Municipal Academy Of Circus And Variety Arts Public
Kyiv National Economic University Named After Vadym Hetman Public
Kyiv National I K Karpenko-Kary Theatre Cinema And Television University Public
Kyiv National Linguistics University Public
Kyiv National University Of Construction And Architecture Public
Kyiv National University Of Culture And Arts Public
Kyiv National University Of Technologies And Design Public
Kyiv National University Of Trade And Economics Public
Kyiv Slavonic University Private
Kyiv State Institute Of Decorative And Applied Art And Design Named After Mykhailo Boychuk Public
Kyiv University For Market Relations Private
Kyiv University Of Culture Private
Kyiv University Of Law Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine Public
Kyiv University Of Tourism Economics And Law Public
Lugansk State Academy Of Culture And Arts Public
Military Institute Telecommunications And Information Public
Modern Art Research Institute Of The National Academy Of Arts Of Ukraine Public
National Academy Of Fine Arts And Architecture Kyiv Public
National Academy Of Internal Affairs Public
National Academy Of Management Private
National Academy Of Public Administration Under The President Of Ukraine Public
National Academy Of Statistics Accounting And Audit Public
National Aviation University Public
National Music Academy Of Ukraine Named After PI Tchaikovsky Public
National Prosecution Academy Of Ukraine Public
National Technical University Of Ukraine Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Public
National Transport University Public
National University Of Food Technologies Public
National University Of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Public
National University Of Life And Environmental Sciences Of Ukraine Public
National University Of Physical Education And Sport Of Ukraine Public
OS Kolomiychenko Institute Of Otolaryngology Of The National Academy Of Medical Sciences Of Ukraine Public
Open International University Of Human Development Ukraine Private
RGlier Kyiv Municipal Academy Of Music Public
Salvador Dali Academy Of Contemporary Arts Private
Shevchenko Institute Of Literature Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine Public
Shupyk National Medical Academy Of Postgraduate Education Public
State Ecological Academy Of Postgraduate Education And Management Public
State University Of Telecommunications Public
Taurida National VI Vernadsky University Public
The National Academy Of Culture And Arts Management Public
Ukrainian State Employment Service Training Institute Public
Ukrainian Stock Market Development Institute Public
Ukrainian-American Concordia University Private
Ukrainian-Polish Higher Educational Institution Central-European University Private
University Of Educational Management Public
University Of Emerging Technologies Private
University Of Modern Knowledge Private