List of universities and colleges in Managua Nicaragua

Univeristy Funding
Central University Of Nicaragua Private
Adventist University Of Nicaragua Private
American College University Private
American University Of Health Sciences Private
Central American University Private
Central American University Of Business Studies Private
Hispanic-American University Private
Ibero-American University Of Science And Technology Private
International University For Sustainable Development Private
International University Of Integration Of Latin America Private
Jean-Jacques Rousseau University Private
Latin American Institute Of Computer Science Private
Martin Luther King Jr Protestant Nicaraguan University Private
Martin Luther University Private
National Autonomous University Of Nicaragua-Managua Public
National University Of Engineering Public
Nicaraguan Technological University Private
Nicaraguan University Of Humanist Studies Private
Nicaraguan University Of Science And Technology Private
Paulo Freire University Private
Peoples University Of Nicaragua Private
Polytechnic University Of Nicaragua Public
Redemptoris Mater Catholic University Private
Ruben Dario University Private
Technical University Of Commerce Private
The American University Private
Thomas More University Private
University Of Administration Commerce And Customs Private
University Of Commercial Science Private
University Of Managua Private
University Of Medical Sciences Private
University Of Oriental Medicine Japan-Nicaragua Private
University Of Technology And Commerce Private
University Of The Autonomous Regions Of The Caribbean Coast Of Nicaragua Private