List of universities and colleges in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Univeristy Funding
University Of The Humanities Public
Ach Medical University Private
Avarga Institute Private
Billig Institute University Of Humanities Private
Chinggis Khaan University Private
Dalaivan University University Of Humanities Private
Etugen University Private
Gurvan Erdene Pedagogical University Private
Huree University Private
Institute Of Engineering And Technology Private
Institute Of International Studies Private
Institute Of Technology Public
International University Of Ulaanbaatar Private
Khangai Institute Private
Language And Civilisation Institute Private
Mandakh University Private
Mon-Altius Institute Private
Mongolia International University Private
Mongolian Labour And Social Relations Institute Private
Mongolian National University Private
Mongolian National University Of Medical Sciences Public
Mongolian State Music And Dance Conservatory Public
Mongolian State University Of Arts And Culture Public
Mongolian State University Of Education Public
Mongolian University Of Life Sciences Public
Mongolian University Of Science And Technology Public
National Institute Of Economics Private
National University Of Mongolia Public
New Medical University Private
Orkhon University Private
Otgontenger University Private
Otoch Manramba University Private
San University Private
Shihihutug University Private
Shine Irgenshil Institute Private
Soyol-Erdem College Private
Sutai University Private
Transportation Institute Public
Tsetsee Goun Management Institute Private
Tushee Institute Private
Ulaanbaatar State University Public
Ulaanbaatar-Erdem University Private
University Of Pharmaceutical Science Private
Zasagt Khan Institute Private
Zokhiomj University Private